sábado, 29 de novembro de 2008


Hard to be a girl.
So nice to be a boy. In my room at night.
Not a pretty site.
Here's an empty kiss marching to the rhythm of the pay roll.
I can be a good boy too, just let me out of the stable.
Sausages and eggs, and hot and sour soup.
Thank me for your time, cause i can be as bad as you.
Hard to be a girl.
Thats what the oracle told me, i dont care what she says, i assume its best to be lonely.

3 comentários:

minerva disse...

Só pq eu sai bonita nessa foto :)
te adoro meu amor! :*

minerva disse...

já disse hoje que adoro vc?

NathyMarks** disse...

Q foto linda!