quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

...semana POWER VIOLENCE!!!

XBRAINIAX - Disgrace to the corpse of Eric Wood

CRÉDITO: http://troubleonyoursystem.blogspot.com

XBRAINIAX - Hail fastcore

CRÉDITO: http://toxicbreedsfunhouse.blogspot.com

COKE BUST - Lines in the sand

CRÉDITO: http://ocpimple.blogspot.com

COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN - This is not an all erect, all-red neon body

CRÉDITO: http://flying-teapot.blogspot.com

SPOONFUL OF VICODIN - Bursts of rage at the speed of hate

CRÉDITO: http://hanusnoise.blogspot.com

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